What’s Your Favorite Mystery?

When reflecting on the month of the rosary, the mysteries of the rosary take us though the Gospels with stories of the life of Christ. Going through the rosary chronologically, which one is your favorite?


The Joyful Mysteries

The Annunciation – The Angel Gabriel appears to Mary and tells her that she will have a baby – the Son of God.  Can you imagine her wonder, joy, and awe at being granted this amazing grace?joyful mysteries 2

The Visitation – As Mary visits her cousin, John recognizes Jesus in the womb and leaps for joy.The comfort Mary must have felt spending time with a beloved family member.

The Nativity – The angels sang as Jesus was born and placed in a humble manger. Shepherds, wise men and animals all took pause to rejoice his birth!

The Presentation – What a day of mixed emotions – Mary’s joy at presenting her son in the temple, consecrating her son back to God and then to hear that her son would not have a peaceful life and Mary’s heart would be pierced.

The Finding in the Temple – After losing Jesus at the age of 12 for three days, his parents find him in the temple teaching in the temple. I can only imagine how relieved and thankful they were to finally locate him and also amazed at his young wisdom.


The Luminous Mysteries

The Baptism of Christ – John the Baptist, who first knew Jesus before he was born, now recognizes Christ coming to him in the river Jordan with the sky opening up above them.luminour mysteries

The Wedding at Cana – Christ’s first miracle urning water into wine. My favorite verse from this mystery is when Mary tells the wedding attendants to “Do whatever He tells you”, reminding us to do the same.

The Proclamation of the Kingdom – Christ proclaims to all who would listen how to get into the kingdom of God – how we must all become like little children to enter Heaven.

The Transfiguration – Up on top of the mountain, Christ became dazzling white like the sun. In the transfiguration, we get a small glimpse of Christ’s divine majesty.

The Eucharist – Christ offers his own body and blood for our us at the Last Supper, instituting the sacrament of the Eucharist.


The Sorrowful Mysteries

The Agony in the Garden – Christ cries for us and our sins in the Garden, in agony for our rejection of the love of God.sorrowful mysteries 2

The Scourging at the Pillar – Every lash, He took for us willingly when our sinful nature deserved every bit of pain and suffering.

The Crowning with Thorns – As the thorns pierced his skin, Christ’s love poured out in each drip of blood.

The Carrying of the Cross – As He walked the road to Calvary, he took each of our burdens upon his shoulders – our sadness, sufferings and trials became his.

The Crucifixion – Christ suffered and died for love of us, in atonement for our sins. His sacrifice on the cross opened the gates of Heaven and conquered sin and death.


The Glorious Mysteries

The Resurrection – Christ’s victory on Easter morning becomes ours as we celebrate the Ressurection!glorious mysteries 2

The Ascension – Christ ascends into Heaven right in front of his apostles eyes to rejoin his Father in Heaven.

The Descent of the Holy Spirit – Christ does not leave us alone! He sends an Advocate to be with us, to guide, us, instruct us and fill us with the love of the Lord.

The Assumption of Mary – At the time of Mary’s death, she is taken to Heaven, body and soul. She remains with God to pray for us.

The Crowning of Mary – Mary is crowned as Queen in Heaven. God honors Mary above all other human creations by gracing her with Christ as her son and we honor her in her Heavenly abode.

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