Totus Tuus

Totus Tuus

This week we have been having Totus Tuus at our church.  A completely different type of VBS, I find Totus Tuus to be beautifully inspiring!  Named after Pope John Paul II’s apostolic motto – Totus Tuus means Totally Yours.  It is a Catholic Youth program teaching children based on five pillars:

  1. The Eucharist
  2. Marian Devotion
  3. Catechetical Instruction
  4. Vocational Discernment
  5. Fun!

This VBS isn’t run by parent and teen volunteers, but instead is put on by a group of young faith-filled college students who have chosen to devote their summer to teaching children about God.  They travel from parish to parish, one week at a time, staying with families in the church community.  They spend their week in each parish teaching the 1st through 6th graders from 9 to 3 each day.  Then they teach the middle and high school students each evening from 7-9.  Seeing the Holy Spirit on fire in these young people so much that they want to give so much of themselves and their summer serving others is beautiful.

As for the kids attending Totus Tuus, they love it!  Even though it lasts well into the afternoon and involves four sessions of classroom learning, my kids said they like it even better than traditional VBS!  They attend and participate in mass every day, have the opportunity for confession and pray the rosary.

I had my own objections to it at first, thinking it was too much of a time commitment or would be too much like school.  But those concerns melted away as they talk about everything they are learning and doing.  It appears that the kids understand when it is time to learn, they work and learn.  When it is time to play, they get super silly.  And when it is time to pray, their fervent voices join with the angels.

So if you have the opportunity to send your kids to Totus Tuus, either this summer or in the future, put aside any reservations and celebrate our faith with your children.  Mine have been walking around the house singing in Latin and saying “JP2 – we love you!” all week!

 Totus Tuus in KCK


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