Stop by Adoration!

The kids and I stopped by Eucharistic Adoration  after our School of Religion class on Monday.  We each had different reasons for our visits – asking for help with a big scout test, prayers for a friend, trouble with school, or just to spend time with Jesus.  We entered in through the day chapel which was dark and still.  I felt the peace wash over me as I reached to open the door.  That day was the busiest of the week with miles to go before we slept, but for five minutes, we all took a breath, fell to our knees and sat in the presence of Christ.  My youngest always marches herself right in front of the tabernacle where she drops to the ground in a small ball.  I can hear her whispering from her bowed head and I always wonder what a 6 year old whispers to Christ.  My son found a place in the front row and bowed his head, with all the weight of a middle schooler resting on his shoulders.  My daughter and I found a place on the floor near the back and we both just knelt next to each other, feeling the love between us as only a glimmer of Christ’s love for us.  We only stayed for five brief minutes, but as we passed out of the chapel and onto meetings and activities, I felt like our moods had shifted – like we all had taken a deep breath of fresh air where before we had been struggling to breathe.

Have you visited the Adoration Chapel lately?  Even if you have little ones, they will find amazement in the peace and love of Jesus radiating through the chapel.  It only takes a few minutes to remember where Christ’s place is in our lives.

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