Sts. Sebastian and Agnes

 St. Sebastian

Feast Day – January 20

Patron Saint of athletes and soldiers


St. Agnes

Feast Day – January 21

Patron Saint of young girls


I could not decide which saint to choose this week:  St. Agnes for our daughters or St. Sebastian for our sons.  So I chose both for they are both beautiful examples of faith under fire.  And while we pray that our own children will never experience martyrdom, we can nearly count on some type of persecution during their lives – even if it is just mocking classmates or people who disagree with their Catholic beliefs.


St. SebastianSt. Sebastian

Sebastian was an educated soldier in the Roman army during the third century at a time when Christions were imprisoned and killed for their beliefs.  He was a holy man, respected by Christians and pagans alike, and he performed acts of healing and compassion.  Although Sebastian was a favorite of Emperor Diocletian, he was still sentenced to death by arrows.  Through the grace of God he was brought to life again and continued to preach the Good News.  These acts ultimately resulted in his second and final martyrdom.

St. Agnes

A holy girl, St. Agnes lived during a time of great persecution in Rome around the same time of St. Sebastian.  She was led to the altar of a Roman St. Agnesgod and commanded to worship in pagan ways.  When she refused, Diocletian ordered her torture and death.  She was happy for the opportunity to show her love to the Lord and welcomed the persecution.  Upon her painful torture, she declared that Christ was her spouse and when she was beheaded, angels carried her soul to Heaven.

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