Sts. Peter and Paul

Feast days – June 28 and 29

I couldn’t decide which one of these great fathers of our faith to choose and since their feast days are only one day apart, I decided to do both!!

SSt. PeterSt. Pault. Peter, one of the first apostles to join Christ, is always a favorite.  He does everything in a great way.  In fact, I picture him as a big man too!  He has a great love for Christ.  He denies him in a huge way.  And then feeling the weight of his mission of evangelization when Christ calls him to be the rock of his Church, Peter steps up to be a great man as our First Pope!

St. Paul is another passionate one.  As Saul, he passionately opposed all Christians and persecuted them severely, even to death by lions!  But upon his sudden and miraculous conversion through his encounter with our risen Lord, he became passionate for Christ.  Even though he had never met Jesus, he spread His word far and wide even unto his own death.

Together, these two men built up the Church from just a small following to millions of Christians today!

May we too be like Sts. Peter and Paul, as we follow our own vocations with great love and passion, even if we mess up sometimes.

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