St. Veronica

St. VeronicaSt. Veronica

Feast Day – July 12

Patron Saint of laundry workers and photographers

St. Veronica lived at the time of Christ.  She is the woman in the Gospel of Matthew believed to have touched Christ’s cloak to heal her health problem.  Instead of chastising her, Christ kindly told her that her faith had saved her.  She is also the one who wiped Jesus’ face with her veil on his road to Calvary, leaving behind his image on the cloth, even wearing his crown of thorns.

This cloth is the miraculous cloth that healed the Emperor Tiberius when St. Veronica touched him with the cloth.  It was moved to St. Peter’s in 1297 at the request of Pope Boniface VIII.


With St. Veronica’s feast day upon us, we can think of the image of Christ on her veil and in comparison, look at the image of Christ in our homes and in our hearts.  How do we display Christ around our homes?  Crucifixes, statues, beautiful pictures?  How do we display Christ in our hearts?  Kindness to others, forgiveness, prayers for others?

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