St. Valentine

St. ValentineSt. Valentine

Feast Day – February 14

Patron Saint of Love and Happy Marriages

Although many legends surround St. Valentine, he was believed to be a priest in Rome during the persecution of Claudius.  Because Christians were being persecuted, Christian marriages were difficult to have performed.  But Valentine knew how crucial strong Catholic marriages were to the faith of the Church and performed marriages, even under the risk of death.  Thus he became the Valentine of legend and his feast day celebrated as one of love.  His greatest error in his faith was not being caught for marrying Christians because as it turns out, Claudius liked him and didn’t want to execute him.  His biggest mistake was when he tried to convert the emperor himself.  He was tortured and condemned to death when he refused to renounce his faith.  He was executed on February 14.   


May you all have a blessed St. Valentine’s Day, celebrating your own love and marriage.  Know that St. Valentine is prayerfully interceding for us all!

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