St. Thomas More

Feast Day – June 22

Patron saint of step-parents and adopted childrenSt. Thomas More

St. Thomas More lived in England in the 1400’s and served in Parliament as an Oxford lawyer.  He married Jane Colt and together they had 4 children.  Sadly, Jane died at a young age and Thomas remarried quickly, knowing his children needed both a father and a mother.  He remarried Alice Middleton and raised her daughter, as well as another adopted daughter, as his own.  He stressed the importance of catechism, teaching the Catholic faith to his children as well as others in the faith community.

He had a promising career and even served as the Chancellor of England, but as dissention rose between Church and King, he resigned, refusing to swear allegiance to king over Church.  For his refusal, he was imprisoned in the Tower of London for a year until he was finally martyred in 1535.

St. Thomas More is a wonderful saint for blended families – those with step-sons and daughters and those who have adopted children from outside their families.  May St. Thomas pray for all those families that they may grow together in strength and love.

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