St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas AquinasSt. Thomas Aquinas

Feast Day – January 28

Patron Saint of Students and Schools


St. Thomas was born in Aquino, Italy in 1226.  He was of noble birth and as nobles of that age practiced, he was entrusted to the Benedictines of Monte Casino.  He excelled intellectually and was full of great virtue.  At the age of 17, he wished to join a religious order, but his family greatly opposed this choice.  For two years, they tried to dissuade him, but he eventually joined the Dominicans of Naples despite the efforts of his family, even using a seductive woman to try to get him to sin.  But St. Thomas persevered and studied throughout Europe, later teaching doctrine, theology and philosophy.

St. Thomas Aquinas heard God’s call and followed even in the face of strong familial objections.  May we ever encourage and support our children, especially when they are answering the call of God.

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