St. Teresa of Avila

Feast Day – October 15St. Teresa of Avila

Patron saint of people with headaches, bodily ills and all people who need grace

St. Teresa of Avila was born in 1515 in Spain to a large religious family.  After the death of her mother, her family sent her to be educated at a Carmelite convent to protect her from the influences of the world.  She chose to continue her time in the convent by becoming a Carmelite nun.  However, poor health caused her to leave after only two years into her vocation.  During several years of illnesses and treatments, she worked hard to discipline herself in mental prayer.  She eventually came back to the convent and had a reawakening or conversion of spirit, after which she began to experience mystical prayer.  She chose at that time to begin a religious order even more strict than the already regulated Carmelites.  She was gifted with the ability of profound writings, including autobiographical and mystical writings, that are still tools of the Church today.  She died in 1582 and became one of the first two female doctors of the Church.

St. Teresa of Avila is a beautiful example of what our prayer life could be.  She was able to encounter Christ so intimately through her prayer times with him that she devoted her whole life to this amazing prayer with Him.  Christ wants to be that intimate and close to each one of us – something that both amazes and humbles me – and each time we encounter Him in prayer, He can shower us with graces.

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