St. Stephen

 St. Stephen2Feast Day – December 26

Patron Saint of Deacons

St. Stephen is believed to be one of the original seventy-two disciples who Christ sent out to preach the Good News.  After Christ’s death and resurrection, Stephen was an integral part of the new Christian community.  He was selected by the apostles to be one of seven deacons to serve the needs of the people, especially the poor and widowed.  He was said to be full of grace and fortitude, preaching, serving, and caring for others.  The pharasees and saducces were trying to find ways to end the new Christian community.  On one occasion, Stephan was preaching in the courtyard of the temple when he was arrested and taken before the Sanhedrin.  During his charges and sentencing, he preached and taught them all the scriptures which foretold Christ’s coming.  But his words fell on deaf ears and hardened hearts and he was sentenced to death.  As he was being stoned, Stephen said that he saw “the heavens opening and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God.”  Then he forgave his accusers and joined Christ in heaven as the first martyr.


For all the deacons of our Church, I am sure that St. Stephen has a special place in their hearts, lives and prayers.  In fact, he is a wonderful example for us all, as we have all been called to serve each other in love and self-sacrifice.  Deacons are such a special blessing to our Church because not only are they a servant of the Church, assisting priests and serving the laity, but they have the ability to model the Christian family as well.  God bless our deacons and deacon candidates! Especially my dad!

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