St. Sophia

Feast Day – September 17

Patron Saint of Widows

St. Sophia lived as a widow in Rome with her three daughters, named for the virtues, Faith, Hope and Love.  TSt. Sophiahey all four grew steadfast and strong in their faith and the blessings of God.  They devoted themselves to prayer and studying the Bible.  However, in a time when Christianity was persecuted, their faith was not looked upon kindly.  In fact, when the Emperor Hadrian sent for them, they knew that it would be the end of their lives.  St. Sophia courageously and faithfully encouraged her daughters not to recant their belief in the Lord even in the midst of trials.  All three girls died in front of their mother, at the hands of Hadrian and his men.  Regardless of the tortures they endured, the Angels of God saved them from every pain.  St. Sophia was pleased to see them enter into the kingdom of God so faithfully and joyously.  She followed her daughters only a few days later.

St. Sophia impresses me because not only was she willing to literally lay down her life for the Lord, but she was able to teach her young children this as well, even in the face of incredible tribulations.  It makes me see that regardless of what trials I might go through, I must bear them with grace and be a good example to my children.  

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