St. Rose Venerini

Feast Day – May 7


Rose Venerini was born in 1656 in Italy.  As a child at the age of seven, she decided to consecrate her lifSt. Rose Venerinie to God.  As a young woman, she was betrothed to be married but he fiancé died suddenly, leaving her free to enter a convent and become a nun.  However, her cloistered life only lasted a few months because her father passed away and she was needed at home to care for her mother.  During her time at home, she had the women and girls of the community gather in her home to pray the rosary.  She was so inspired by how their faith flourished that she wanted to teach them as well as pray with them.  She was blessed with the ability to teach and all the women were transformed in God’s love.  Her spiritual advisor recommended that instead of cloistering herself away in a convent she become a teacher to serve God.  She opened a girls’ school in Viterbo and had such success that the bishop requested she open more schools and help to train teachers.  She was able to educate women about their faith and prepare them for life in society.  After opening a number of schools and helping to transform the lives of many girls, she passed away at the age of 72.  St. Rose Venerini inspired a religious order called the Venerini Sisters who are widespread as teachers throughout the world.  Her prayerful motto was “Educate to Save.”

In much the same way we are able to bring our own children to salvation by teaching them about God by example in our own daily lives.


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