St. Rose of Lima

Feast Day – August 23

Patron Saint of Florists and Gardeners

St. Rose of LimaSt. Rose of Lima was born Isabel in Peru in 1586.  She was such a beautiful baby that her mother always adorned her with a crown of roses and thus, her name became Rose.  In addition to her beauty, she was also a very devout young girl and Christ often appeared to her as a child to tell her how pleased he was with her kindness.   As a young woman, when a rich man sought her hand in marriage, she chose to love only Jesus and devoted her life to serving God.  She worked hard to support her family and served those even poorer than she was.  As a young woman she entered a convent and chose penance by wearing a silver crown armed with ninety points under her veil.  She dedicated her sufferings to the conversion of sinners.  At the age of 31 she entered her reward in Heaven.  She is the first saint of the Americas.


Sometimes we or our family and friends also suffer physically or emotionally.  Like St. Rose of Lima, we can offer these sufferings for something greater, like the salvation of others, so that our sufferings become meaningful.

We can also give St. Rose as a wonderful example of a devout and faith-filled child to our own children!

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