St. Nicholas

St. NicholasSt. Nicholas

Feast Day – December 6

Patron Saint of Children


With images of Santa already swirling around stores, front yards and Christmas cards, it is fitting to talk about St. Nicholas with his feast day coming up!

St. Nicholas was believed to have been born in Lycia in the 4th Century.  A devout child, his parents died early, leaving him a young man of great wealth.  He was able to use his wealth to benefit others, especially children in need.  After becoming the bishop of Myra, he was imprisoned with other Christians of the area for their faith.  He was eventually released and took part in the Council of Nicaea where the early Church and books of the Bible were decided.  He was also intensely involved in fighting heresies and destroying pagan temples.  Several stories about Nicholas speak of his generosity to three poor girls to whom he bestowed sacks of gold coins – one of which he tossed down the chimney.  He is also believed to have protected innocents from punishment and even bring some boys back to life with his prayers.

His movement into the Santa Clause that we know today may be because of his generosity toward all, and especially toward children.

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