St. Monica

Patron saint of Mothers

Feast Day – August 27

I wanted to select St. Monica as our first Saint of the Week because she is the patron saint of mothers and many a mother has asked for St. Monica’s prayers for their families.St. Monica

Born in 333 A.D., St. Monica was married to a pagan official at a very young age and had three children, Augustine, Navigius, and Perpetua.  She is known for her extreme patience and devout prayers.  Her persistence eventually won the repentance and conversion of both her difficult husband and his mother.  After her husband’s death, her two youngest children were finally able to enter the religious life as they had always desired.   Her oldest child, Augustine, was well educated, but a heretic and persisted in a sinful life.  For 17 years, Monica persevered in her prayers for Augustine.  Once in an attempt to reassure Monica, a bishop told her that surely one over whom so many tears had been shed would not be lost.  Finally, her son’s heart was turned and he converted to the faith in 387.  Shortly after, that same year, Monica entered her Heavenly home.

She is a beautiful example of how a prayerful mother can affect her children’s lives.


St. Monica, please pray that we may follow your example

of a faithful and prayerful mother,

that we may not be discouraged by difficulties or time.

May we, too, persevere with patience,

always striving to bring our families to Heaven.

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