St. Monica

Feast Day – August 27St. Monica

Patron Saint of wives, mothers, homemakers

St. Monica lived about three hundred years after Christ in Northern Africa.  She was married to a pagan official and lived with him and his difficult mother, having three children.   Finally, after many years of prayers, her husband and mother-in-law converted to Catholicism.  At that time, two of her children were free to enter the religious life.

Her third child, Augustine, proved to be the biggest cross yet biggest joy of her life.  He lived a sinful life, with many mistresses, heresies, and much debauchery.  For 17 years, she persisted in her prayers for her son.  She was so fervent and persistent that local clergy avoided her because she was constantly asking for prayers for her son.  One bishop comforted her by saying that “It is not possible that the son of so many tears shall perish.”

Finally, her prayers were answered and Augustine converted to Catholicism, becoming one of the great theologians and Doctors of the Church.

St. Monica was such an amazing example of saintly motherhood in the face of difficult children.  That is why I chose her as the patron saint of this website.

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