St. Martin of Tours

St. Martin of ToursSt. Martin of Tours

Feast Day – November 11

Patron Saint of soldiers and against poverty

St. Martin of Tours lived three hundred years after Christ.  The son of a pagan Roman officer, he himself became an officer of Rome.  One night, he gave his cloak to a freezing beggar and realized later in a vision that the beggar was actually Christ.  His faith converted others around him through his actions and his words.  His mother converted but his father remained a pagan, even after his son was scourged and banished for his beliefs.  He lived as a hermit and healed many people, even raising 3 from the dead.  He became the uncle of St. Patrick of Ireland and upon his death, 2000 monks and nuns came to his funeral.  Nearly 500 villages in France are named after St. Martin of Tours.


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