St. Martin de Porres

St. Martin de PorresFeast Day – November 3

Patron Saint of Social Justice


St. Martin de Porres was a saint from Peru in the 1500’s. Originally the illegitimate son of a Spanish night and a freed slave, he apprenticed for a barber/surgeon as a child.  With this occupation, he acquired experience caring for the sick and injured.  In his teenage years, he began to help at the Dominican Friary of Lima.  For years, the brothers observed his prayerful devout nature that they invited him to join their order.  During his ministry, he continued to care for the sick, especially those in great need like the slaves brought over from Africa.  He opened orphanages and hospitals and was known as a skilled healer with reports of performing miracles, even from outside the hospital.  He was also a mystic who had the gift of bi-location to heal people in other countries.  His peaceful nature spilled out to bring others to peace and love of God.

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