St. Martha

St. MarthaSt. Martha

Feast Day – July 29

Patron Saint of Housewives and Cooks

Martha, along with her sister, Mary, and brother, Lazarus, lived in Bethany and were devoted followers of Christ.  Martha is known for her service of Jesus and his apostles while her sister sat as Jesus feet.  She is also the one the one who expressed her strong faith when she called for Jesus to raise her brother from the dead, knowing he could do anything, even if it was too late.

She is a beautiful example of hospitality, service, and confident faith.  Even when we have too many tasks, too many daunting impossibilities before us, we can be like St. Martha and extend a hand to others in service and with great faith that whatever seeds we may plant, by the power of the Holy Spirit, will come to bear rich fruit.

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