St. Maria Goretti

Feast Day – July 6

Patron Saint of boys and girls for their purity

Maria Goretti was born in 1890 in Italy.  Her family struggled in poverty after the death of her father.  At the age of 12, Maria was approachedSt. Maria Goretti by an older neighbor boy who made inappropriate advances toward her.  When she resisted him, he attacked her and stabbed here.  While she was dying in the hospital, she forgave the young man, with great love.

Her attacker, Alessandro, later had an amazing conversion while serving 30 years in prison.  In a dream, Maria appeared to him in a dream and gave him flowers.  His life was devoted to serving God for the rest of his life and he was privileged to be at Maria Goretti’s canonization in 1950.

She is a beautiful example for our children when they are bullied or when they are pressured by peers.  They must still love and forgive those who hurt them, standing strong for the Lord, just like St. Maria Goretti.

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