St. Margaret of Scotland

Feast Day – November 16

Patron Saint of parents and for protection of childrenSt. Margaret of Scotland

St. Margaret of Scotland was born in 1045 to royal parents – a Hungarian princess and an exiled king of England. When she and her mother fled to Scotland to escape a persecuting king, she met and married the Scottish king, Malcolm III. Her husband was devoted to her and chose to change his way of life to fit her religious devotion and kind nature. Together, they had eight children that they brought up in the light of Christ. She was always generous, kind and loving, not only to her family but to the people of Scotland. She found the time to raise her family, serve others, and follow God’s will for her life.

Margaret of Scotland is a beautiful example of a busy Catholic mom.  She was able to do what we are all trying to do – balance God, family and others.  And in her sainthood, she brought God to the people around her, just like we all try to do.

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