St. Margaret Clitherow

St. Margaret ClithrowFeast Day – March 26

Patron Saint of businesswomen and converts

Born in the mid-1500’s, Margaret Clitherow was a Protestant wife and mother of four living in England.  She assisted her husband at his business and lived a life of comfort.  She converted to Catholicism at a time of persecution for the Catholic Church in England.  Although her husband did not share her faith, he supported her in love and action.  She saw to the catechesis of her children and provided a haven for Catholic priests to say mass and stay in safety at her home.   These actions were punishable by death, yet she felt called so support the priests and practice her faith.  She was eventually brutally martyred for her actions.  Three of her children answered the call to religious vocations and she is still honored in England today.  In fact, in tours of St. Margaret Clitherow’s home, the “priest hole” is a favorite to see how priests escaped from her home in safety.

St. Margaret Clitherow was a working mom.  She likely struggled with the balance of raising her children and support in her husband’s business.  She worked to teach her children the faith while supporting her faith community even at the risk of persecution.  May we too not hesitate to reach out to others in our faith community, providing support, prayers, and compassion, while holding our children close at home.

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