St. Lucy

Feast Day – Dec. 13St. Lucy

Patron Saint – eye problems, blindness


Born in the 4th century near Sicily, Italy, Lucy lived a pure and devout life.  Although she was betrothed to be married, she wished to live her life in a convent.  Her mother suffered for years from a seemingly incurable blood illness, until the night Lucy and her mother spent at the tomb of St. Agatha.  They were requesting her intercessory prayers for physical healing.  In the middle of the night, St. Agatha appeared to Lucy.  She foretold of the healing of Lucy’s mother, but also of Lucy’s own martyrdom.  In thanksgiving, Lucy’s mother permitted her to consecrate herself to God rather marry the young man to whom she had been promised.  The young man , in his anger, accused her of being a Christian and turned her over the pagans.  The pagans sentenced her to death by burning at the stake, but the flames did not harm her.  She finally died by sword to the heart and joined her Heavenly spouse.

Lucy is often depicted holding a cup with eyes in them because as part of her torture prior to death, her eyes were removed.  However, God restored her eyes to her.

May He help us all to see His will for our lives more clearly!

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