St. Joseph

Feast Day – March 19

Patron Saint of families, married couples, fathers, a happy deathSt. Joseph


St. Joseph – the pure spouse of Mary, the devoted earthly father of Jesus.  The angel spoke to him in dreams and he did not question, but immediately obeyed.  He must have known that he was part of an amazing family with such a special Son and holy wife.   His entire life he trusted and followed wherever the Lord would lead them, knowing that even when he was told to go far into a foreign land, he went without hesitation.  He cared for Jesus, taught him the ways of the Jewish faith, showed him the trade of carpentry.  He watched Jesus grow into an amazing young man.  He must have known that his son was destined for a humble greatness.  I wonder if he and Mary discussed who their son truly was and how he came to belong to them for a short time on earth.  I wonder if he looked on with relief and pride after they found Jesus in the temple, seeing him teach the teachers.  He must have known.   And then at the end of his life, I wonder if Jesus whispered promises of the glories of Heaven.  He passed away next to his pure and holy spouse and the Son of God, knowing that he had done his best here on earth.

May we pray for the fathers in our families – for their strength, their forbearance, for their action to the Lord’s will without hesitation – just like St. Joseph.

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