St. John Vianney

Feast Day – August 4

Patron saint of priests

St. John Vianney grew up as a farm boy in France in the 18th century and joined the seminary at the age of 20.  He was devoted to his St. John Vianneyvocation in the priesthood, although he struggled as a seminary student.  After his ordination in 1815, he became the parish priest at Ars, France, where he remained all his life.  St. John Vianney became known as the Cure of Ars.  He was dedicated saving souls for the Lord and often fasted and prayed throughout the night for the intentions of his parishoners.  He also took to hearing confessions and often spent up to sixteen hours a day hearing confessions.  Although his reputation spread far and wide, and many people came to him for spiritual advice, he rejected all accolades and honors and remained a humble parish priest.  He often spent his nights battling with the devil and even today people pilgrimage to Ars to see holy relics of St. John Vianney and the bedroom where his spiritual battles took place for people’s souls.

With St. John Vianney, we are reminded that our parish priests are just ordinary men, beloved by their families, remembered fondly as children by their parents, and always in need of our prayers.  Without priests, we would not have the Body of Christ in our mass each Sunday.  We should always thank them for their priesthood and the sacrifices they have made for the Church.  May our prayers strengthen them just as the Body of Christ they feed us gives us strength.

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