St. Joan of Arc

Feast Day – May 30

Patron Saint of soldier, France, and martyrs

joan of arc

Joan of Arc was born in 1416 to devout parents with a strong love of country.  They passed on both their faith and their patriotism to their daughter.  She began hearing voices as child and came to know them of the voices of Mary and the saints.  One day, they told her that God had a divine mission for her and she was to save all of France from the invading British.  Even though she was only 17, she unquestioningly followed God’s will and went to the king to assist him against the attackers at Orleans.  With her banner saying “Jesus, Mary” she rushed to the forefront of battle and led the soldiers, defeating the British.

When the king no longer had any need of Joan, he gave her up to their enemies to be tried and eventually martyred at the age of 19.

What a beautiful of faith for our young people to follow.  I pray that they too may follow God’s call without question wherever it may lead them!

joan of arc2

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