St. George

Feast Day – April 23

Patron saint of soldiers, farmers, and boy scouts

 The details surrounding the life of St. George are somewhat unclear, particularly as to his date of birth, but St. Georgehe did live back in the 4th century.  He was a soldier and a knight who died for his faith and gaining the title Great Martyr.

He is often represented fighting a dragon, which is considered the image of the devil.  The Golden Legend is a story of St. George’s valiance and great faith.  In this legend, he went to fight a monster that had been gobbling up young women.   To save the princess who was to be sacrificed next, St. George offered to fight the monster.  Before entering into battle, he made the sign of the cross, said a prayer, and then slew the dragon with one blow of his spear.  His faith was so great that upon a noble sermon, the people of the kingdom were all amazed and inspired to conversion.  The reward given to St. George by the king for slaying the monster, he donated to the poor before continuing on to fight the next battle.

Ultimately, he died for his faith when he confronted the Roman Emperor Diocletian for his cruelty to others.  Diocletian, who hated all Christians, had St. George put to death for his beliefs.

I thought this is a great saint for our sons who love hero stories, especially when they are knights winning hearts for God and slaying dragons!

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