St. Faustina

Feast Day – October 5

Patron Saint of World Youth Day


Helen Kowalska was born to a poor family in Poland in 1905.  She worked hard on her family’s farm but was largely uneducated.  St. FaustinaAs her family struggled through the hard times of World War I, she realized her dream of becoming a nun.  She was accepted as a Sister of Our Lady of Mercy and took the name Sister Maria Faustina of the Blessed Sacrament.

St. Faustina was blessed with visions of Jesus, bringing her a message of mercy.  She painted the image of Christ who she saw touching his heart with rays of white and red coming out of it.  He also instructed her to put the words, “Jesus I trust in You.  He requested that the first Sunday after Easter become known as Divine Mercy Sunday.

She had further visions of Christ’s Passion and Death as well.  Her visions were all written down before her death in 1938.

For 20 years her writings were forbidden by the Vatican because their validity was in question, but with the bishop of Krakow, the future Pope John Paul II, leading the way, her life was investigated and her works validated.  He canonized her in 2000.

The message of Divine Mercy has spread throughout the world, bringing hope and peace to many!

divine mercy

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