St. Dymphna

Feast Day – May 15

Patron saint of those suffering with mental illnessSt. Dymphna

Dymphna was born in the seventh century to an Irish chieftain and his wife.  Although Dymphna’s father was a pagan, her mother was a devout Christian who raised her in the faith with the help of her spiritual advisor, Fr. Gerebernus.  At the age of 14, Dymphna’s mother died, leaving her father full of grief for loss of his wife.  He searched for a new wife, but in finding none, he turned to his daughter because she looked so much like his wife.  She ran away from her father to Belgium with the help of Fr. Gerebernus.  When her father hunted them down, he killed her priest and demanded her return.  She rejected her father and he, in his mental illness brought on by grief, beheaded her.  The town where she died, still today has a ministry toward the mentally ill.

You can ask St. Dymphna for prayers for those loved ones who suffer from post-partum depression, anxiety disorders, or depression.

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