St. Dorothy

St. DorothySt. Dorothy

Feast Day – February 6

Patron Saint of brides, florists, gardeners, newlyweds

St. Dorothy was born under the rein of the Emperor Diocletian and all of his persecutions of Christians.  After her parents’ martyrdom, her faith as a young woman was strengthened and she refused to worship idols or to marry, seeing Christ as her spouse.  Nothing could be done to deter her faith – temptations, tortures or ridicule.  She remained firm in her love of God.  A man named Theophilus teased Dorothy on the way to her death telling her to send him some apples or roses from the garden of her Spouse.  Although it was the dead of winter, a child appeared to Dorothy shortly before her execution with a basket of beautiful roses and succulent apples.  She sent the child along to Theophilus who was converted by her faith and later martyred for his own. 

Diocletian seems to have been an accidental blessing to the Catholic Church, sending so many of the faithful to the arms of their beloved Jesus.  When we wonder about suffering and difficulties in our own lives, can we see how it leads us and others to a closer relationship with God?  Sometimes in the moment, this clarity is far from visible.  But looking back at history, we can see the countless faithful who were added to the soldiers of God by their persecution by this Emperor and still more who were led to serve God on earth.

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