St. Clare

Feast Day – August 11St. Clare

Patron saint of televisions and embroiderers

St. Clare was born into a noble family in Assisi in the late 1100’s.  She lived a pious life from a very young age and inspired by the teachings of St. Francis of Assisi, but against her family’s wishes, she entered a Benedictine convent at the age of 18.  Eventually, she was joined by her sister and mother and established a Franciscan community with both papal and St. Francis’ blessings.  They lived lives devoted to service of the poor, devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, constant silence and poverty.  After her death, the order became the Order of the Poor Clares.

That St. Clare is the patron saint of television first struck me as odd.  She was so focused on poverty – both in service of the poor and in living a simple life.  How could she, who lived hundreds of years before even electricity was invented, be the patron saint of televisions?  As the story goes, St. Clare was too ill to attend midnight mass one Christmas Eve with her fellow sisters.  However, from her bed, she was able to have a perfect vision of all of the mass and participate in the celebration.

St. Clare can inspire us to keep our lives simple, our hearts peaceful and our televisions on more worthwhile and meaningful shows.

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