St. Celestine

Feast Day – May 19

Patron Saint of bookbinders and Aquila, ItalySt. Celestine

St. Celestine was born Peter Moronne in Italy in 1215 as the 11th of 12 children.  He always dreamed of becoming a monk and eventually was ordained a Benedictine at the age of 17.  Three years later, he dedicated himself to prayer and study by becoming a hermit.  Others were attracted to his prayerful way of life and others wished to join him.  Thus his order, the Celestines, was started in 1274.

Upon the death of the current pope, Nicholas IV, a conclave was begun which lasted for two years.  Finally, they selected Peter, much to his dismay!  He chose Celestine V as his papal name.  During this time, people were trying to control the church through Celestine.  In his meekness, he was taken advantage of and decided to resign as pope, making him one of the few to resign his papacy.  But he was not permitted to return to his hermitage.  Rather, he was imprisoned for his own safety and died there only nine months later.

I chose this saint because when Peter was a child, his mother would ask him and his siblings, “Which one of you is going to be a saint?”  Peter jumped up and replied, “Me, mama! I’ll become a saint!”

It’s an amazing thought that we may have a future saint in our own families!  Maybe you just tucked in a young pope tonight!

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