St. Cecilia

St. CeciliaFeast Day – November 22

Patron Saint – Music, musicians, singers


St. Cecelia is the epitome of a martyr shedding her blood for the faith while keeping herself pure of heart and body.  Spoiler alert – her life ends in a gruesome death –so let’s not share that part with our kids!

St. Cecilia was a young, devout noblewoman in Rome betrothed to a young man named Valerian in the second century.  So dedicated was she to her own purity that even on her wedding day, she recommitted her virginity to the Lord.   Her new husband, Valerian, was so moved by her words that he came to the faith because of her.  In fact, after his baptism, he could see the angel that guarded her purity with flaming wings.  The angel placed crowns of flowers on Cecilia and Valerian’s heads.  Her husband and his brother both died for their faith and Cecilia was sentenced to death by suffocation in a hot-air bath.  When after a day in the steaming room, she was still alive, the executioner came to behead her.  He was unsuccessful and she lay on the floor of the bath, severely injured, but still preaching and praying with those that came to her.  The faithful soaked up her blood and finally after two more days, she joined her Spouse in Heaven.

She is the patron saint of music because she is said to have heard beautiful music always ringing out in her heart.

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