St. Blaise

St. BlaiseFeast Day – February 3

Patron Saint – Healthy throats


St. Blaise lived in the 4th Century in a time when the Church was being persecuted.  Even though he was a bishop, Blaise preferred a life of solitude in the mountains.  He was reportedly seen healing wild animals who would come to him for help, but never interrupted his prayers.  He was discovered one day by hunters who were looking for animals to entertain them in the amphitheater.  They found St. Blaise kneeling in prayer outside of his mountain cave, surrounded by wild wolves, lions and bears.  The hunters dragged St. Blaise off to stand in front of the pagan governor for being a Christian.  As he was being taken to jail, a mother approached him with her ill child.  The child had a fish bone lodged in his throat.  At the command of St. Blaise, the child was able to cough up the bone and was healed.  St. Blaise was later martyred for his faith, but is still celebrated today as a healer of throat ailments.

I thought at this time of year, with all of the illnesses going around, St. Blaise would be a wonderful saint to honor and ask for his protective prayers over the health of our own families.

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