St. Anne

Feast Day – July 26

Patron Saint of mothers, grandmothers, housewives and housekeepersSt. Anne

St. Anne, the mother of Mary and the grandmother of Jesus, is a beautiful saint for us to emulate as mothers and grandmothers.  She was married to St. Joachim and together they lived very devout lives, dedicated to the Lord.  However, she was childless throughout her life  and within the Jewish faith, this was a disgrace and must be because of a sin committed.  After much prayer and trust, and past the childbearing age, she conceived a child, Mary.

Devoted in faith, St. Anne and St. Joachim dedicated their daughter to God, giving back to him that which He had given them in grace.

St. Anne is a great example of how we too must live lives devoted to God and turn our children over to the Lord – on a daily basis!

On another thought, can you imagine how proud she must have been of her grandson, Jesus?!

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