Blessed John XXIII

Feast Day – June 3

Blessed John XXIIIAlthough still in the process of becoming a saint, Blessed John XXIII is one of our more modern saints having walked the earth in this century.    He was born Angelo Roncalli in 1881 as the oldest of an Italian farm family.  He joined the Franciscan order at a young age and studied canon law, enjoying the history of the faith.

During World War I, he served in the Italian army as a stretcher-bearer and served many fallen soldiers.  Having such great knowledge of the faith and being appointed archbishop, he became a papal diplomat serving throughout Europe and even had a hand in saving 24,000 Jewish people.

He was appointed Cardinal Roncalli in 1953 and not too many years after was elected as pope.  He took the name Pope John XXIII.  As pope and eternal diplomat, he was involved in the resolution of the Cuban missile crisis. However, despite his international status, he tried to avoid attention and wished to remain somewhat ordinary.

He was beatified 37 years after his death in 2000.

In following God’s will, he became a great pope for our Church simply accomplishing the tasks that God set before him.  We took can accomplish great works in our ordinary tasks throughout the day.  Who knows where God’s will for us will lead!

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