Lent is here and what better time to get our souls white and clean in preparation for Easter!

Now, I know how you feel – it’s never easy to go to Reconciliation.  It’s humbling to take account of your sins and to actually say them out loud to another person.  But you aren’t really telling another person your sins.  Through the priest in the confessional, you are actually whispering in the ear of God.

You could say to yourself, “Why do I need to go to confession?  I ask God for forgiveness on my own.”  But Jesus himself actually gave us the instructions on how to ask for forgiveness – they are about 2000 years old, but they still work!  He told the disciples that “Whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in Heaven.”  This is how he wants us to ask for forgiveness.


   Now me personally, I approach Reconciliation with equal portions of excitement and    dread.   Dread that I have to enumerate my sins, ways that I have wronged God and wronged others, and actually admit them aloud.  And then excitement for that amazing moment of absolution!  I always get shivers just thinking about it.  God is forgiving!  And then the desire for that forgiveness through absolution is so overwhelming that it easily outweighs any apprehension that I may feel.

I always leave the confessional in tears.  In fact, I rarely get through confession without tears streaming down my face.  Not because I have sins that are so great they would merit time in prison, but just because those seemingly small, every-day sins separate us from God, just as much as those huge ones.  And through Reconciliation, my soul is set right again with God.

I laugh remembering one confession where my tears fell and the priest actually asked me if I was okay and if there was anything else I wanted to confess.  I wasn’t hiding anything, like perhaps he suspected.  It’s just a very emotional sacrament for me.

I invite you to overcome your own fears and your own dread, and dream of how white your soul can be through the beautiful sacrament of Reconciliation.  I love going to those communal penance services where people all over the church are confessing their sins.  I can see in my mind’s eye bright shots of white light coming down from Heaven to clean the souls of all those receiving absolution.  It must be an even more beautiful sight from Heaven.

So look up when your Lenten communal penance service is.  Check your weekly Reconciliation schedule.  Make an appointment with your priest.  Just get to Reconciliation for this beautiful sacrament this Lent reconciliation2

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