One Year Anniversary!

 If you had told me a few years ago that I would have a website for busy Catholic mothers, I never would have believed you.  As it was, IBCMsquare told God that I didn’t really want a website, but He didn’t listen to me.  And one year ago this month, was launched.  I wish to express my sincerest and humble thanks to my family and friends who have supported me, both directly through their physical support with the editing, running and design of the website, and spiritually through their many prayers.  I am truly blessed by the way the Holy Spirit has worked in my life and through this website.  Sometimes I wonder if any of the articles reach any of you, but then I feel reassured that the Holy Spirit, who has given me the words, will use me in the way He needs to for his own purpose.

Most importantly, thank you all so much for reading and supporting me and  I am so blessed by this website and by all of you, Dear Readers!

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  1. Marty Rogler says:

    Just wanted you to know that I look forward to reading the messages your blog brings even tho I am not a “Catholic” and only sometimes am I really busy; but at one time I was a “busy Mom”. I especially enjoyed the “Housewife’s Prayer” and how it applies to my life even today. “Live with the mess” says it perfectly. Someone once told me that your children will remember a trip to the park but won’t even notice how sticky your kitchen floor is. So true.

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