Mary, Virgin Mother

Mary With the Solemnity of Mary this week, I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts about the Virgin Mary.

Imagine a 14 year old girl – maybe the same age as your babysitter – devout, hard-working, kind.  An agel appears to her to proclaim that she will give birth to the Son of God.  Rather than be fearful or anxious, she is simply confused, wondering how it will work out.  Her future uncertain, she accepts God’s gift with unwaivering faith.  Then she, who is still so young, now carrying a baby that does not belong to her husband, spends four months of her pregnancy taking care of a beloved relative – still so selfless and giving.  She returns to her husband only to head out for another journey, this time very close to the birth of this miraculous Child.  And when they arrive at their destination, they have nowhere to rest.  Her child, the King of the World, is born in poverty in a stable with lowly shepherds to greet his arrival.  She raises her child throughout his life, knowing somewhere in her heart that he is destined for both sadness and greatness.  I cannot imagine all that went on in her mother-heart, knowing what the future would hold for her son, but what love and pride she must have felt when he rose from the dead, conquering sin and restoring our relationship with God. 

May we too be like Mary, saying yes to uncertain requests from God, holding Christ close to us, and being willing to follow His plan for our lives even when we know not where the path leads.

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