Eucharistic Adoration

Our church is blessed to have perpetual adoration of the Eucharist.  For those of you who have never visited the Adoration Chapel or don’t have it at your church, Eucharistic Adoration is a beautiful experience where the Body of Christ is displayed for adoration and prayer.

Our Adoration chapel was recently redone – the room was painted, cleaned, and rearranged with a new tabernacle and monstrance.  As Catholics we believe that during the consecration of the Eucharist during mass, the host truly becomes the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Christ Jesus while remaining in the appearance of bread.  Knowing that it is truly Christ present in that host, it seems natural to want to be near Christ even when we cannot receive Him at a mass during the week.  Therefore, Adoration provides a beautiful way to worship and connect with our Lord at any time of the day or week, not just on Sundays at mass.

Anytime the desire strikes your heart, you can stop by the Adoration chapel for a few minutes with your Lord and God.  Stay for a whole hour, stay for a rosary, stay for five minutes.  Christ is just happy that you are spending time with Him – making Him a priority in your life. 

I was able to stop by our chapel yesterday after dropping my kiddos off at school.  I thought I would start my day the right way rather than just rushing off to errands and chores.  And as I knelt there, alone in the chapel – just me and Jesus, I gazed on Christ in the monstrance.  As I did, a memory struck me.

Back in college, I worked for the college prepping labs for the instructors.  Most of the time this involved doing dishes and making solutions, but when the work was done, I would find a chair by the prep room window –  the brightest spot in the whole building.  I would turn my face to the sun with my eyes closed and just bask in the warmth and loveliness of the sun on my face, filling me up with comfort and peace – even on a chilly winter day.  Once one of the professors I was working for caught me and joked, asking me if I was photosynthesizing.

As I was praying in front of Christ yesterday, I found my eyes closing and my face turning to the Son, filled up by his light and warmth.  And it reminded me of my professor’s comment.  Photosynthesis is how plants get their energy, how they survive.  They need the sun to make the energy to sustain their life.  We too need the Son – Christ Jesus.  We too need to “photosynthesize,” taking the time to turn our face to Him and soak in the warmth of His love.  Through his light, He can sustain our lives, giving us the energy and strength we need to do God’s will.  His light can shine upon us and warm us through even in the face of difficulties and trials, filling us up and giving us hope.

As I left the chapel, I could still feel His love, His warmth shining on me and in me that lasted all day.

Stop by your own chapel today and spend a little time “photosynthesizing” in front of the Son.

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