Bucket List for the Year of Faith

So what is the bucket list for your life?  What do you want to say that you’ve done when you reach the end of your life?  Climb a mountain?  Run a marathon?  Write a book?

Okay, now what about a bucket list for this Year of Faith?  Pope Benedict XVI has invited all of us to increase our faith this year.  So how are you going to be welcoming Christ more fully into your heart?  Here are a few of my ideas for my own year of faith to better Love, Live and Learn my faith:

  • Attend confession frequently
  • Make an extra mass as often as I can
  • Visit the church where I or my children were baptized
  • Pray family rosaries
  • Pray personal rosaries
  • Spend time in front of the Blessed Sacrament
  • Celebrate our daughter’s first Communion
  • Visit the church where we were married
  • Attend a marriage retreat or marriage enrichment classes
  • Find a patron saint for our family
  • Increase the amount of sacramentals in our home
  • Read more books about my faith
  • Read more Christian fiction
  • Preschool adoration
  • Make some rosaries for friends
  • Read the Bible more regularly

year of faith

What are some ideas that you have for your own bucket list?

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