You are a White Martyr!

We read about amazing saints who gave their lives for tpurgatory1he faith.  They suffered horribly because of their belief in Christ and the Church.  They faced so much more than I could imagine – death by fire, sword, lion, even crucifixion like our Lord.  But the way that they lived their lives and died for the Lord seems almost enviable.  They were guaranteed their salvation, their sainthood, by the blood that they shed for the faith.  We even celebrate their feast days with red throughout the church.  These “red martyrs” went out in a bold declaration, a blaze of glory, knowing that their lives on earth were over but their eternity in heaven was about to begin.

What about those of us who don’t face persecution – those of us who have religious freedom and can even take the lack of oppression and suffering for granted.  We don’t necessarily face the dramatic conditions and persecutions that saints had to go through.

But we do have sufferings too – but those more of a daily type.  Perhaps you suffer from migraines, a particularly difficult child, or even just little things that go wrong every day.  Yet, we still get up each morning, do our daily tasks, suffer our little trials, and try to live a life of faith for the Lord.  We work our way to the end of our lives, persevering in our love of the Lord amidst material distractions, busy schedules and demanding families.

We are what could be called white martyrs.  We may not go out in a blaze of glory like those saints who died for their faith but we do work out our salvation day by day, with the ultimate hope that our reward will be an eternity in Heaven.

So take hope in the belief that nothing you suffer – no extra chore, no selfless act, no difficult day – goes unnoticed by our Lord.  He knows what we experience daily and he is with us each step of the way, leading us eternally closer to Him.  He loves us regardless of if His children declare their everlasting faith in the Lord just before they face death or if we declare our everlasting faith in our continual small sacrifices and daily devotion to Him.

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