Twisting Words and Setting them Straight

One thing that is guaranteed when the media starts getting excited about the Catholic Church is that they are taking someone’s words out of context.  So it should come as no surprise that as the media has done it again with Pope Francis’ most recent interview.  They are quite excited about the prospect of the Catholic Church accepting abortion, gay marriage, and female priests, but they have entirely twisted the words of the pope and turned them around to make them “modern and mainstream.”  In reading the actual words that Pope Francis spoke, it becomes obvious that the media completely missed his message.

Pope Francis2In his interview, he humbly described himself primarily as a sinner who is trusting in the Lord’s mercy and patience, which I feel is a beautiful attitude I could better employ in my own daily life.

He also talked about how the discipline and community of the Jesuits drew him into their order.  He felt called to the same mission.  He strives to better his discernment – knowing God’s will – for his own life, for the Church, for others.  I too can work to know God’s will for my life everyday.  He also spoke of being other-centered rather than self-centered.  And how he felt like he failed in the past, making hasty decisions where much contemplation would be better served to find the answers.  He is so devoted to serving the Church and he can see the beauty of the simple faith of the people.  He wants to bring Jesus’ message to everyone!

And then came the controversial part of the interview, when he was asked to comment on more social issues like same-sex marriages, abortion and contraception.  He simply said that we know what the Church teaches on those subjects, but we must go beyond them to see the people behind them.   We must not let the focus of our lives to be debating the validity of these issues but keep ourselves focused on the saving grace of God.

We must always hope in the Lord, spend time in prayer, and see others as God sees them.  We must not let the message of the Gospel be obscured by gossiping media who twists the words of one who is here to help lead us closer to the Lord.

To read the Pope’s entire interview, check it out here.



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