Tricks of the Devil


With the Halloween holiday approaching next week, many people’s thoughts turn to the dark side of Halloween although that was not the origin of the celebration. Halloween was intended to be a celebration of the lives of all those who had died.  More on that next week!

Nonetheless, evil does exist in the world in many facets – through the evil that people do to others, through bad choices and thoughts that we have every day, and then through the much denied, often avoided, actual devil existing in our world.

In fact, one of the devil’s greatest tricks is to convince the world that he does not exist! When we believe that the devil doesn’t exist, it is much easier to blame God for all of the suffering and sadness in the world.  But as Christians, we must not only accept that the devil exists but we must know how to fight against him in our daily battles.  Sometimes this simply involves knowing when the feelings of depression or despair arise that it is not from God.  When we have a little nagging voice in our heads to judge someone or speak ill of them, it is not from God.  When we see news stories with tragedy in the world, it is not from God.  All of these are from the evil that has entered the world with the first Original Sin, the evil of the devil. Jesus tempted

Unfortunately, this evil is becoming more obvious these days with the Black Masses in Massachusetts and Oklahoma. Or the satanic coloring book that was just approved for use in the Orange County school district in Florida, regardless of separation of church and state.  The people that are promoting this say that they don’t really believe in the devil but they do believe in tolerance, understanding and happiness.  Nowhere in the book is the word “love” mentioned because well, God is love and that wouldn’t be what the devil wants to promote!

The great deceiver has deceived a great many of us – with complacency, mediocrity, the belief that there is no real truth in the world, just our own individual versions of it. And evil has seeped into more parts of our world unbeknownst to a great many.

Sometimes, the evil is so obvious that people are forced to either accept it or just be exasperated at the stupidity of people who believe in it. An excellent example is my father’s deaconate director, Monsignor Brankin in Tulsa, Oklahoma – one of the exorcists for the Midwest.  He experiences evil on a very real, very tangible level.  Check out a recent article on him in the Tulsa World – here.

These stories may be scary but the beauty of them all is that God is more powerful than any evil in our world! Christ has conquered sin and death!  The Holy Spirit fills our hearts and lives every day!  We have but to reject the evil and embrace the Light – the Love of God!

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