Thrown Away Notepad

I carry around a notepad. I admit, I am probably a little too attached to my notepad but it helps me keep my mind clear.  If I write things down that I need to do, I don’t have to keep thinking about them.  The reminder is there on paper and I will get to it later.  I keep it close by so I can write down things right when I think of them.  Each day of the week has a different list.  And at the end of each day, I transfer the things I didn’t get finished to the next day.  Sometimes big projects, like organize pictures or go through old clothes, can get transferred for days or even weeks!  I also keep in the notebook lists of prayers, books the kids might be interested, movies to reserve from the libraries and even gift lists that I add to all year so I am ready when birthdays and Christmas rolls around. 

Every couple of months, I need a new notepad. I simply run out of pages so I grab another one from the store and refill it with all my thoughts and chores and hopeful ideas of things to do.

This week I started a new notepad and as I was putting the recycling in the bin, I saw my old notebook that I had carried around for months fall into the bin along with scrap paper, junk mail and cereal boxes. For just a second I was sad because this was a notepad that I had used for a while and always looked for when I had something I needed to write down.

But then I realized that it had done its job and its existence was evident in the work that I had completed off of it, the tasks that had been done.

I began thinking that I hope my life reflects that notepad. In the same way, I am a series of actions – housecleaning chores, tender moments with my loved ones, acts of kindness to others.  Every day, my life is a to-do list:  kiss the children goodbye on their way to school, text a friend, call my mom, welcome my husband home, make a meal, say a prayer, help someone in need, volunteer for a service, accomplish a duty.

And I hope that at the end of my life, it is not me that is remembered, but the things that I have done for the glory of God. And like that notepad, I pray that I can fall into the recycle bin where God has used every last bit of me and is happy with the job well done.

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