The Power of Thank You (and a Warm Bath Towel)

How often do we take others for granted?  What perhaps used to be a pleasant surprise has become routine, mundane and unappreciated.  For example, the first time our children surprise us by being ready for bed without being asked, we praise them.  We thank them.  We appreciate them.  But as time passes, our appreciation becomes an expectation.  It can be the same with chores around the house.  You spend your day busy – you clean, you do laundry, you chauffeur the children around town, and yet at the end of the day, when everyone has eaten the nice meal that you fixed they get up from the table without a thank you to go on to their next interest.  What would make everything, all your hard work worthwhile, are two little, but all important, words – Thank you.

thank you

Every laundry day, piles of dirty clothes are scattered around but when everyone returns home, the drawers are full again with fresh clean clothes for each of them.  And closets have neatly ironed dress shirts hung in straight rows.  At the end of the day, after the children are in bed, my husband never forgets to say, “Thank you for all the laundry and ironing.  I’m sure it took you a long time.”  Just those words, just being appreciated makes me joyful to do those chores for my beloved family each week!

And when those sweet children spontaneously say, “Thanks for the yummy supper, Mommy,” I could cook for them forever!

Here are some great things thank your husband for doing.  They may seem mundane and expected, but you’ll surprise him with your gratitude.

  1.  “The lawn looks great.  Thanks for doing all the mowing today.”
  2. “I always appreciate when you put the toilet seat down.  You set a great example for our son.”
  3. “When you clear and wipe off the table, I never take it for granted.”
  4. “Thank you for spending so much time with the children.  It means the world to them!”
  5. “Some husbands don’t put their laundry in the hamper, so I’m thankful that you do.”
  6. “Thank you for not missing any of the children’s events.  They love to have you there.”


Sometimes a thank you is all it takes to go from a thoughtful gesture to an act of love.  Our water heater only has enough water for one shower – if you don’t take too long.  And one winter, when I was lamenting how cold I am just reaching out of the shower to get a towel, I turned around and my towel was hanging over the top of the shower, compliments of my sweet husband.  So I didn’t have to step out of my warm shower into the cool bathroom to grab my towel.  After sincerely thanking him for providing me with a little extra warmth, my towel has shown up every night since then.  Thank you, Sweetheart!

towelWhat do you thank your kids or husband for?

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