The Brightness of the Son

Son in your eyesI often drive east in the morning these days and we have reached that time of year when the sun is at just the right angle so as to be dangerously blinding. Knowing that all the other cars around me are experiencing the same view makes me nervous because we are all blinded as we speed down the road.

As I was driving this morning, the similarity struck me how the bright sun in my eyes can be like the Son in our lives. Some days, the sun is bright and shining, casting a bright light without a cloud in the sky.  In the same way, we have days when the love of God is easy to see.  We can feel His love and grace in our hearts.  We can see His love shining through others around us.  On other days, the sun is obscured by clouds all day and things seem gloomy – even our mood can be affected.  We see the same in our lives when our day goes wrong, our life derails, or the clouds of sin and suffering obscure Christ’s love in our lives.  But just like the sun behind the clouds, God is always watching over us, ready to shine his love down on us, even when we cannot see him.

And sometimes when we are driving down the road unable to see exactly where we are going because of the brightness and glare of the sun in our eyes. In a similar fashion, when our lives feel out of control or down an unexpected path and we can’t quite see where we are going, we become anxious and afraid.  But if we look closer, we canl realize that it is actually the light of the Son that is so bright and working so strongly in our lives that we can’t see or understand the direction of our lives until we get there.

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