The Bright Light of our Children

My days lately have been filled with household and family maintenance – doing laundry, taming tantrums,  juggling kid activities, contacting the bank, getting meals on the table, fixing the washer, helping with homework, sweeping the floor yet again, and trying not to look at the tasks I fail to get done.  I am sure that you know the feeling.  But sometimes, we spend so much time working on what needs to be worked on that we sometimes forget who needs to be worked on.  For example, I can help my son study for his states and capitals test, ask him about his day, sign his homework journal, and check his math.  But I fail to look at him – truly look at him – and see him for the amazing child he is!  I am occasionally surprised by how big he is or what clever things he comes up with.  And I realize that I want to be surprised like that all the time.

Have you ever had a sublime, perfect moment in your day?  It doesn’t happen to me frequently,child3 but when it does, it is almost blinding with the beauty and perfection of God’s Creation.  One of my favorite sublime moments that I recall was last fall, taking a walk with my family.  The weather was beautiful – the sun shining through the fall leaves over our forest path.  I was holding the hands of my two older children and our youngest walked ahead of us with her little hand tightly clasping my husband’s larger one.  We had nowhere else to be, nothing else to do, everyone was at peace and the moment was perfection.  Times like that make me more prayerful, thanking God for the beauty of the life he’s given me.  But that perfection was so beautiful, it was almost too bright – too much for me to handle for too long.  And then I got to thinking that perhaps, that perfection is just a glimpse of how child2Heaven must be– with everything being beautiful.  But maybe, in Heaven, we can handle that beauty, that brightness, so that it is all around us all the time.

Another moment that I remember was when my youngest was crawling.  In amongst a busy day, I stopped to roll a ball back and forth with her.  It was a game that an adult may quickly find boring, but a child could continue to do forever!  Perhaps, she was able to bear that brightness for much longer than I was!

And today, my youngest, who is now 5 and looking forward to kindergarten with a desperate abandon to be bigger, she wanted me to dance with her.  So I put aside the paperwork, the housework, and the list of tasks in my head, to dance!  She could have danced forever with mommy.  And although my energy didn’t last as long as hers, I turned my face to the brightness of my child and spent time just delighting in her smile, in her laugh, in her crazy dance moves, and I blinded myself with the beauty and perfection of her!

So be sure to look at your child today and blind yourself just a bit with the brightness and beauty of their perfection!  I know I can’t wait till the older two get home from school so I can see the brightness in them too!child

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