The Blessing of Hot Water

hot waterDuring winter and especially lately, I can’t seem to get warm.  Perhaps it is the single digits outside, but I always seem to be wearing lots of layers.  And my least favorite part of my day is shower time.  Not only do I hate to step from the steamy shower into a breezy bathroom, but the water could always be hotter.  I suppose we could turn up the temperature on our hot water heater, but then we run the risk of scalding our children.  And anyway, it’s not that the water doesn’t get hot enough – it just doesn’t stay hot enough.  So I keep the water just above lukewarm until the end.  Most of the shower I am shivering, but just before I am finished, I blast the hot water.  And when I feel that hot water start to warm me up – my first thought is always, “Thank you, God, for hot water!”  I am always thankful for that hot water, but never more so than when it is gone.  On one occasion, last year, our hot water heater was not functioning correctly.  I realized then how much I take that water for granted.   Something so trivial in the scheme of my life, yet I take it for granted every day.

It made me think about what else I take or have taken for granted on a daily basis.  Here are a few in no particular order:

  1. Heat in my home
  2. A working car
  3. The health of my family
  4. A good husband
  5. Food on the table
  6. A job
  7. Staying home with my kids
  8. Family to love and who love me
  9. Supportive and loving friends
  10. Quality schools with great teachers
  11. Freedom to worship
  12. Peace and safety
  13. Memories
  14. Light
  15. A virus-free computer
  16. And Hot Water!!

What do you take for granted?

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